The Big Tour

Head news: +++ Finished Liguria +++ Contact added +++ Malaysia finished +++

Welcome - very pleased to see you here!

This site is going to be the home to some of the photos in my now not so small travelling collection. Originally intended for those photos that I took during my grand tour of 2003 and 2004 (the Big Tour), I found this was going to be a huge undertaking, especially since I already have done some more travelling again since then. I will just keep adding more photos from time to time. I hope you find the odd one here that you like. Enjoy!

Big news! First New Zealand series online! And, after a small eternity, a new gallery from Australia!

Newest additions: Barossa Valley (Australia), Queenstown (NZ), Milford Sound (NZ).

Australia and New Zealand

Australia Terra Australis, the land Down Under. Australia played host to me for eight months during which I studied in Sydney and then took to traveling. I'm fondly looking back.

New	Zealand

New Zealand I hesitate to say this for fear of being beating by my Aussie friends, but New Zealand is probably the most beautiful country in the world. Gorgeous scenery, harmony describes it best: everything seems to be in just the right proportion to everything else. Beau-ti-ful.


Malaysia The place that came up second in my personal ranking. I had intended to stay three weeks, which became two months. Friendly people, great culture, glorious food.


Brunei Darussalam Another great surprise, Brunei was an obvious destination because it was so close and yet so different. An Islamic sultanate, Brunei provided some of the most pleasant experiences on this trip.


Singapore The city of commerce, a first world within the third. Singapore was a pleasant stop-over before venturing into peninsular Malaysia.


Thailand Final destination on the Big Tour. Infamous Bangkok, lovely Chiang Mai, diving with the sharks on Ko Tao.


Italia Italia, gran amore! The first destination I ever travelled to, this is where I will always return to.

Great Britain

Great Britain The UK - fond memories of my first travels alone when I was working in the East Midlands. Neither have I forgotten your treasures nor the friendliness of your people. (Old design).


Republic of Ireland This was a 4 day trip only, but it did include Dublin and Connemara... (old design).


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