Britain and Ireland - Green on the ground, grey in the sky

Welcome to the UK section of my tour of Great Britain and Ireland. I made all trips during my 10 week stay at Loughborough University, in the green East Midlands. Highlights include Wales, Scotland, and Stonehenge.

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Trip to Wales This was my first trip in the UK. My goal was to climb Mt Snowdown in the Snowdonia region. The weather was not too favourable at all, but at least the climb was still possible. When I reached the summit, the clouds broke and I could see through them, a dream-like landscape far below me. On the way home, I detoured to visit the city with the longest name in the world!

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Down to the south On this trip, I visited Coventry; Oxford and its famous university; Stonehenge and the neighbouring bigger stone circle of Avebury; Salisbury and its stunning cathedral and finally Southampton.

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Loughborough These are pictures from my stay at Loughborough, featuring the team, Lufbra Uni and Lufbra surroundings.

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London No visit to Great Britain is complete without seeing London. There is much to see and do in the city, although I have to admit I didn't like London very much. It is a very busy place, with grey the dominating colour, and not representative of England at all. These photos are from my fourth trip to London, and thus show but a small part of the sights.

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York and Nottingham Nottingham is a beautiful city just north of Loughborough. I liked it very much for its friendly atmosphere and its good shopping. - York is one of the oldest cities in England, and architecturally maybe the most striking.

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Loch Lomond and Loch Ness These are the two best-known lakes in Scotland: the first because it's the biggest lake in Scotland, the second because of the monster that is supposed to dwell in its black depths. To be fair, even the local museum admits that all sightings have probably perfectly normal explanations. Still, I felt Loch Ness is a bit of a creepy place, with an eerie atmosphere.

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Defeat on Ben Nevis I had set out to climb Great Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis. It is a small mountain by Alpine standards, but it's in the Arctic region during winter. It was just late April when I arrived at Fort Williams, and the top was still covered by snow. The weather prospects didn't look promising from the beginning, and I couldn't begin the climb before 11am. The first part of the climb was fine, but when I reached the snowy region just below the top and entered the clouds, the weather became foul. With visibility down, the path lost and hail piercing my skin, I had to give up.

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The Cairn Gorns The Cairn Gorns are mabye the most beautiful region in Scotland, and certainly the one that I enjoyed the most. Tired from my Ben Nevis adventure, I opted to take the lift to the top station, but then ventured onwards to the summit. Here are the photos.

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Highland scenery On my way home to Loughborough, I detoured a bit to take some photos of the beautiful Highland scenery.

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Edinburgh ... is Scotlands capital. It is a pleasant enough city, although I got completely soaked by the heaviest rain I've ever encountered when I climbed Arthur's seat, the most distinguishing geographical feature in this city. Is is a pleasant climb - when it's not raining. Arthur's seat is part of a national park that begins right in the centre of Edinburgh - a city feature that may be unique in Europe.

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