The Australian	Adventure
Australia - Start Over!

New South Wales The first collection of images is set in New South Wales - the state that is home to much-dreamed-about Sydney.

New South Wales

Northern Territory The heart and soul of Australia, it calls itself. The Outback - this is where the real Australia began for me, and for many others. The earth so red, the sky so blue, the road so long. Freedom.

Northern Territory

Queensland Sunshine all-round, good surfing and superb diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Especially the latter was a promise of long standing that I had made to myself.


South Australia Often just an in-between for travellers going from coast to coast, SA is too often neglected. Yet it is actually a very interesting place - it's the driest inhabited place on Earth, for instance - and I was a bit sad that I had so little time to explore it when I was seeing my friends in Adelaide. Still, we did have time to try the wines of Barossa Valley. This is definitely a place to come back to.

South Australia